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Gower Residence

This project is an addition of a master bedroom, closet, and bath to an existing small cottage style home in Larchmont. The goal was to maintain the existing character of the house and yet add a few contemporary elements to brighten and enlarge the space. The new design has changed the square geometry of the house to an L-shape. In doing so, the backyard feels cozier and more secure. The bedroom is situated near the end of the backyard with the windows carefully situated to capture a glimpse of the garden and maintain privacy. Moreover, the sliding door enhances the outdoor- indoor experience and aims to naturally cool the space in summer days. The vaulted ceiling is carried throughout the addition to accentuate the grandiose affect as one transitions from the the hallway to the bedroom. And as for the interior design, the selected color palette, furniture, and fixtures aim to capture warmth through the space as one transitions from one space to the next.